Welcome to the CEBE blog!

This blog hopefully demonstrates neatly what CEBE is all about - sharing ideas and combining efforts so advances can be made collectively. CEBE is simply a network helping people in diverse settings think together and work together.

The idea that binds us together is the wish to see educational practices developing in the light of sound research evidence, rather than anecdote and prejudice. We may work in a school, college, nursery, community centre, university or workplace; we may work in practice, research or policy or be a parent, employer or governor – sound evidence is important for us all. 

We are not alone in education – there are similar movements across the world and also in other public policy areas – criminal justice, public health, social care, for example. In some ways, we in education are having to play catch-up! 

Over the past few decades there have been significant debates about the role of evidence in education. CEBE was formed with the intention of building on these discussions to develop practical actions to encourage the use of research evidence. During CEBE’s first year it consulted with many groups having a stake in education. This threw up some clear ideas about where to make start, brought together in a position statement which sets out potential areas for joint activity (see About Us)

The second year has seen a start being made in three directions: for practitioners on the ground, the Evidence for the Frontline project; for people in the media and policy arenas, the Education Media Centre and for people at large, discussions about ways of organising evidence on a national basis.

The stage is now set for all of us to put forward ideas about where we might best collaborate to further the use of research evidence. Many organisations are already involved in initiatives in this area; CEBE exists to share information about these and to identify opportunities for extending their reach and effectiveness through joint working.  

To help stimulate such sharing this blog will feature a range of different authors, offering new information and ideas every few weeks. A newsletter is also circulated every few weeks containing information about the activities of CEBE members. If you have thoughts or information to share, why not get in touch and make a contribution?

Let’s get moving!


Would it be okay with you if

Would it be okay with you if I linked to this page from my website? Just asking since some people don't allow linking to their sites if you don't take their permission.

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