CEBE organisation

As a coalition, CEBE needs to combine the interests and motivations of many disparate organisations and individuals. To achieve this requires willing partners and an agent to bring them together productively. CEBE activity - including preparing funding proposals – is carried out by teams of organisations, according to the issue in hand.  A secretariat function is provided by the Institute for Effective Education (IEE), at the University of York, and the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER). A steering group provides overall strategic leadership.

Current steering group members:

Estelle Morris (Labour Peer), Andrew Morris (Independent), David Turrell (Chair of the National Baccalaureate for England Trust),  Jonathan Sharples (Education Endowment Foundation), David Gough (Institute of Education), Marilyn Leask (University of Bedfordshire), Caroline Creaby (Sandringham School), Hélène Galdin-O’Shea (ResearchEd) and Julie Nelson (National Foundation for Educational Research).

An organisational model for governance, administration, communications, membership, funding, and financial accountability for CEBE is available from the Secretariat – Email [email protected].