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Evidence and Leadership

A group of teacher leaders, teachers, researchers and intermediaries has come together under CEBE to try to improve the use of evidence in the leadership of schools, colleges, adult and early years settings. The focus of its first project is the role of leaders in fostering a culture of research and evidence-use in their own organisations.

The first stage of the project is establishing an evidence base about this role. It has produced a report based on an overview of the research literature plus a survey of perspectives from a range of practitioners and leaders. A draft version of this report is available below.

A number of key factors have been developed from this study and suggestions made about practical steps to be taken by leaders who wish to move in this direction. The report with the list of key factors has been further developed in consultation with a group of leaders from school , FE and AE settings. A draft version of this tool is also available below.

If you are interested in finding out more or getting involved with this project contact the group via [email protected]

Evidence and Leadership
The role of leadership in fostering a culture of research and evidence use - Final Report June 2019.pdf805.41 KB