Leading Research Engagement in Education

Guidance for organisational change

A new guide for individuals and teams interested in leading research-engagement in educational settings was published in March 2017. Developed by a cross-sector team brought together by CEBE, the guide explains what is meant by research-engagement and provides clear and actionable guidance on creating an environment in which evidence-informed practice can flourish. It includes practical case-study examples and links to further helpful resources.

The guide is the result of a collaboration between schools, universities, research institutes and national organisations, facilitated by CEBE. Specific issues it addresses include:

  • integrating evidence into senior leadership team (SLT) thinking
  • setting out roles and opportunities for different staff as part of an evidence-informed school
  • knowing where to look for external research inputs and information
  • tools to help with implementation

You can download the guide free of charge here: Leading Research Engagement in Education

You can also download an accompanying set of Case study examples and links to helpful resources

To make contact with the LREE team please email them c/o [email protected]

We are grateful to the Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT) for publishing the guide.

LREE team

Caroline Creaby, Sandringham School St Albans

Ruth Dann,  UCL Institute of Education

Tom Middlehurst, SSAT, the Schools, Students and Teachers network

Andrew Morris, CEBE, Coalition for Evidence-Based Education

Katy Theobald, Ambition School Leadership

Claudia Sumner, NFER, National Foundation for Educational Research

Ben White, Ashford Teaching School Alliance


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