Evidence for the Frontline starts work

The CEBE project Evidence for the Frontline has got off to a flying start, led by Sandringham School and the Institute for Effective Education and supported by the EEF. During the summer term, 12 developer schools worked together to design a specification for an online platform to connect teachers with researchers. The site was launched in September with the 12 developer schools, plus an additional 20 pilot schools. Schools have been drawn from across the country, and include primary, secondary, middle, all-through and special schools. Around 30 researchers have joined the site and begun to answer teachers’ questions. To give an idea of site usage, as of this month, there are 414 active users and 177 questions have been posed on a range of issues from reading to homework to feedback. The site can be found here and there is also a 90 second animation which outlines the service . If you would like any more information about this project and its progress please contact Caroline Creaby at Sandringham School.