EIPPEE initiative leads to permanent international network

A three-year international programme to enhance the use of research evidence as an essential aspect of efforts to improve education has resulted in the creation of a permanent network to continue the work. Three years ago, 18 partners from 10 European countries joined a project on evidence in education, set up by the EPPI Centre at the Institute of Education in London and funded by the European Commission. It brought together colleagues from different countries to establish how evidence was being used and to plan actions to improve the process. Its success led to a further two-year project (EIPPEE) involving 36 partners from 27 countries in conferences, consultancy, training and development. Full information is on the EIPPEE website.

Although the EIPPEE project concludes when EU funding ceases in August 2013, the partners have decided to establish an international network based on this partnership, focusing on the use of evidence in education in Europe. The EPPI Centre in London is leading it, with sub groups forming on various issues, initially in three areas: use of evidence in schools, evidence and the media, and Knowledge Centres. Participation will be open to all interested. For further information contact Caroline Kenny at the EIPPEE Network secretariat.