Research, Policy & Practice: Redrawing the Boundaries

This event is being hosted by the National Education Trust and will look at effective collaboration between research and policymaking.

Baroness Estelle Morris will provide an insight on the relationship between research and policy and Professor Kathy Sylva will draw on the long-running EPPSE project (Effective Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education) as an example. Organised as a half-day seminar and round-table event, it will take place on:

Thursday 3rd May 2012 from 1.00pm until 4.00pm

The Wellcome Trust, Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE.

Cost: free – but places are limited so book early. 

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The aim of this event is to explore the factors that make effective research-policy partnerships, and to identify what needs to be put in place to promote them.

Using the highly regarded EPPSE project as an example, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the ideas in relation to their own particular context. Please contact Andrew Morris for further.