Event Reports

 The brief reports below summarise the main learning points from events in the CEBE Events Series. The intention is to build up an accumulating record of insights into evidence-based approaches in education.


25th June 2014

Should Government have a role in choreographing an evidence system in education?

Organised by: The Department for Education with the Coalition for Evidence-Based Education

At: Department for Education, Sanctuary Buildings, Westminster, London



5th July 2012

Evidence for Practice: Professional Learning Through Partnerships

Organised by: The International Learning and Research Centre with the Coalition for Evidence-Based Education

At: Hilton City Hotel Bath


3rd May 2012

Research, Policy & Practice: Redrawing the Boundaries

Organised by: The National Education Trust

At:The Wellcome Trust,215 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE.


26th March 2012

Evidence-based programmes:Tackling barriers to effective implementation

Organised by: The social Research Unit and Institute for Effective Education

At: London's Living Room, City Hall, London SE1 2AA