How to be a research engaged school


Guidance for schools and teachers on how to be a research-engaged school

Several groups at the CEBE event in December 2014 suggested aspects of work that need to be done to encourage the development of research-engaged schools. These have been merged into a single proposal, titled ‘How to be a research engaged school.’ The project, as it stands, would outline some clear and actionable guidance for schools on how to create an environment in which evidence-informed practice can flourish.

A group interested in developing this idea are considering issues such as:

  • creating a culture of staff reflection
  • integrating evidence into senior leadership team (SLT) thinking and aligning with long-term school priorities
  • setting out roles and opportunities for different staff as part of an evidence-informed school
  • appropriating the role of action research
  • knowing where to look for external research inputs and information
  • tools to help with implementation

There are a number of existing relevant resources on these topics, so part of the work could involve integrating these into a practical and accessible resource with an emphasis on research-engagement.

For more information, or to get involved in the project, please contact Matt Walker at NFER,

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