Latest News & Updates

EPPI Centre successful in EU bid

The EPPI Centre, at the Institute of Education, has been successful in its bid to the European Commission for a two year project to build a network on evidence-based policy and practice across the EU. 

Think-tank, Demos investigates evidence-based reform across children's services

The political think-tank, Demos, have released a report exploring how systems can be created that make better and more widespread use of evidence-based practice.

EEP Evidence Support Programme miniguides

As you may already by aware, the Educational Evidence Portal (EEP) is an online search engine that helps you find educational evidence from a range of reputable UK sources ( EEP have recently developed a new set of online learning materials to support people wishing to make more use of evidence and the services offered through the eep portal.

Three years of funding received for CEBE infrastructure

The Institute for Effective Education (IEE) has received funding through the Bowland Trust to support the infrastructure costs of CEBE over the next three years. This funding will cover ongoing costs for CEBE meetings, support working groups on specific projects/proposals, enable communications across the network of CEBE members, and support the steering group in its strategic overview of CEBE.