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EIPPEE initiative leads to permanent international network

A three-year international programme to enhance the use of research evidence as an essential aspect of efforts to improve education has resulted in the creation of a permanent network to continue the work. Three years ago, 18 partners from 10 European countries joined a project on evidence in education, set up by the EPPI Centre at the Institute of Education in London and funded by the European Commission.

New Alliance for Useful Evidence report on 'Evidence-informed practice'

Evidence for the Frontline: A report for the Alliance for Useful Evidence

A new paper explores what can be drawn from the advances in a range of fields to mobilise research knowledge more effectively across social policy and practice.

Research into effective use of pupil premium published by Ofsted, IPPR and the Sutton Trust

An abundance of research and inspection evidence on the effectiveness of school spending on the pupil premium has been published in recent weeks, including reports from Ofsted (, IPPR (, and the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Sutton Trust.

New report by Carol Campbell and Ben Levin on using research to inform practice

The urgent need to build strong connections between school teachers and researchers was a much debated theme at threeEducation Endowment Foundation events last autumn.

Education Endowment Foundation provides boost to developing evidence-based practices for poorest students

This summer saw a promising glimpse of the coalition government’s will to back the development and growth of evidence-based interventions in education, through the formation of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).  Under the guidance of the Sutton Trust and Impetus Trust, the EEF is planning to invest as much as £200m over the next 15 years in initiatives that raise the achievement of pupils in the most challenging circumstances.

CUREE systematic review on 'Professional Practitioner Use of Research'

The Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE) has published a systematic review investing practitioner engagement in and/or with research and its impact on learners.

Institute for Government calls for better quality control on policy making

The Institute for Government has published the results of its year-long research into better policy-making in a recent report, Making Policy Better. The research - drawing on interviews with over 20 former ministers and 50 civil servants - suggests that despite attempts to improve policy making under the last government, reforms fell short, with a lack of coherence between different elements of the policy making process.

Graham Allen review into Early Intervention identifies evidence-based programmes


MP for Nottingham North, Graham Allen, has led a government review on Early Intervention that bases its recommendations around an evidence-based approach to children's services and early intervention.

C4EO/IEE research review shows that effective classroom strategies make the biggest difference to learning outcomes.

A new review, published by the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People’s Services (C4EO), has shown that improving classroom practice can close the achievement gap for children living in poverty.

The review, carried out by the Institute for Effective Education at the University of York, found that it is the quality of teaching that makes the biggest difference to learning outcomes.

EPPI Centre successful in EU bid

The EPPI Centre, at the Institute of Education, has been successful in its bid to the European Commission for a two year project to build a network on evidence-based policy and practice across the EU.